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Money may be a piece of paper, but it defines a significant portion of our lives. Our lifestyle, our desires, and our necessities depend on the flow of cash. Not all of us are fortunate enough to dream big with just a handful of peanuts. But this can change overnight. You can grow your money quickly with a small investment. We are not talking about gambling or stock investment, both of which are risky affairs. At the Home on Currencies, we offer a 100% sure-shot solution with cheap counterfeit money on offer.

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our rate is 25% and we do only face to face deal(meet up)

Dear Client our procedures of business is clean and clear. We do only face to face deal (meet Up). Just to avoid you from scammers, we are the best you can trade or do business with. We all want the security of our customers and our security. Our rate is 25%. There for you pay 25% for the amount that you want.

It does not really matter which continent you are, are you in Europe, Africa, Asia or America? Our team will meet you there for a success full money deal.

As you all know we are top notch in this game and market. We have qualify team and expert in making this banknotes. Top expert who have worked in various money mint in Europe and Asia.  Without disclosing any one identity, we do work with top Government officials, Politicians, Bank managers, Club and Casinos tycoons and many others. We always love dealing with responsible business men so only serious people should contact us. we are not home for kids please unserious people should take note.



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Working hard for peanuts is not what we deserve for putting our health at risk. At Kouba House, we understand the pain and difficulty of managing daily expenses with low income. With us, you can order fake money with essential security elements such as intaglio With us, you can buy undetectable counterfeit money online with essential security elements such as intaglio printing, security thread, watermarks, and holograms.  Our team will be happy to give you a thorough background on how we operate. Please get in touch with us for more details!


Our Currency Division is the market leader and the largest commercial printer of counterfeit banknotes in the world. 1/3rd of all counterfeit banknotes in circulation have been designed by Kouba House. Our manufacturing footprint, covering Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK, gives us a high level of flexibility. We act as an integrated provider of finished counterfeit banknotes and a provider of polymer substrate and security features similar to central banks, state printing works, state paper mills and other commercial entities.

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